Team Bios

The principals of Noah’s Fine Jewelry, Noah Mackie and J.J. Lastelick, have an extensive background in Fine Jewelry and High-End Swiss Watches.

Picture of interior of Noah's Fine Jewelry & Watches store

Noah Mackie –

Mr. Mackie began his career at a high-end “Big Box” jewelry store at a very young age and very quickly exceeded any and all expectations and sales goals. This type of structure, which seemingly viewed clients more as numbers than people, ultimately jaded him. His passion for jewelry and treating customers more as equals and not as sales goals, caught the eye of an independent high-end, Luxury store who quickly snatched him up. It was there where he met J.J. Lastelick and his eyes were opened to a much more efficient way to operate in this “retail” space.


J.J. Lastelick –

Mr. Lastelick’s extensive background in primarily pre-owned high-end jewelry has garnered him many accolades among his peers and the wholesale jewelry and timepiece community. Mr. Lastelick entered the world of haute jewelry while acting as a sports agent for NFL players back in the 1990’s. As he recalls, “My job was to make these guys money, and that wasn’t just by negotiating the best player contract with their team. What I found was that their penchant for bling, led them to drop money carelessly and whimsically on expensive watches and jewelry pieces. Inevitably, something prettier and shinier came along and they would need or want to sell what they already had costing them thousands in losses in the trade-in process. When these guys would walk into a jewelry store, the store owners/sales people would begin salivating because they saw what they thought was an easy mark.”

This discovery led Mr. Lastelick to begin procuring the finest watches and diamond jewelry from jewelers in the Dallas area, as well as helping his clients move their existing pieces for fair money. This gained him exposure to many different stores, owners, wholesalers and, more importantly, gave him an eyewitness account of how all of these individuals conducted their businesses. What continually stood out to him was that a business model whereby an “exchange” type format was in place made the most sense. The same way market makers buy and sell stocks, thereby creating a market for both buyers and sellers, was simply, to him, the most efficient way to run a jewelry business. “When a client buys a $100,000 diamond, in the backs of their minds, they want to know what they can get for that diamond if the zombie apocalypse takes place. Most retail stores are thinking only in terms of the sale, and not the long term value to the client, namely, the preservation of their investment.”

Noah’s Fine Watches & Jewelry is predicated on offering the highest quality pieces at the most transparent prices. All the while, aggressively buying any and all jewelry pieces, watches, diamonds, etc. over the counter.

A great day for us is selling two watches and buying three watches, thereby keeping our inventory robust, providing our clients with what they are looking for, and making money.

Mr. Lastelick has an extensive background in the high-end luxury jewelry space, having worked with many of the top names in the Dallas area over the last decade.

Mr. Lastelick has an extensive background in the high-end luxury jewelry space, having worked with many of the top names in the Dallas area over the last decade.